Finished Portfolio!

7 12 2009

Yesterday, I had finally finished my portfolio in whole! Yes! It took a long time but in the end I think that everything turned out really good. I met all the requirements that were needed to be in there in the time they needed to be as well. The hardest parts of the portfolio were probably the synthesis, remix and meta-analysis. For the synthesis we were to combine our first two projects. It was kind of hard to mix the to together and make it flow. I had to talk about on why I wanted to be a teacher, and the steps that it took me to figure it out. I also needed to put in there how being a student and the ways that I did my studies affected my decision as well. There were certain people who I named in my synthesis too that really made big impacts in my life. Everything went together really well. I then worked on my remix. Everything was revised and I put my best work into this part of the portfolio. I had a lot to put in there so I was pretty happy with the outcome. The meta-analysis was probably the hardest part. Writing about writing just seemed confusing to me when I heard it. After I had really found out what to do, it kind of came to me on what to write about. Talking about the 4 projects that we had previously worked on and why we chose the things we did. I mentioned how I worked on my projects as an individual and as a group, why I wrote the things I did and in the end it seemed to go good.

I have to say that the portfolio was an interesting, tricky, and fun final project to work on. I also had to do a portfolio for my other English class but this one was a lot different. Theis one was electronic while my other one was hard copy. They pretty much had the same meaning  as we will be graded on everything in them. I am glad that the portfolio is done completely and in timely fashion, and I am happy with my work.



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