7 12 2009

I found it hard to write about the meta-analysis at first. I didn’t know how to start it, and didnt know how to make it flow with everything either. After about an hour of thinking I finally decided to start writing. Starting off by talking about how this class was different at first because of the whole “electronic” part and how everything was going to be turned in by computers. Then I talked about each project. Project 1 being about our personal narrative and why we wanted to be teachers. I gave my points on why and I wrote on why I did these things. then I talked about project 2. Project 2 was about how were were as students and the actions we took. I talked about how early in school i thought everything was so easy, but then as grades got higher I started to procrastinate a little bit. Project 3, being totally different and a group project was next. First, writing about a PSA, then with the group and also making a visual aide. This project was alot different than the others. Project 4 was once again a group project and this time we had to teach to the class about our topic. I thought this was cool because it kind of gave us an idea of what teaching was going to be like. Then i talked about the workshops we had to do in class and the blogs that had to be written.

Overall, I finally finished my meta-analysis, being pretty confident with my completion.



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