No more blogs and end of semester

7 12 2009

This is my final and 30th blog of the semester. I found it a task to keep up with them, because sometimes I did get lazy and forget to do them, but hey, heres to 30! My blogs consisted of classwork, workshops, project analyses, personal feeling and more. I think that blogging was a good thing to do in this class because it kept everyone consistently writing. I liked how we were sometimes given certain things to blog on, but mostly it being up to us as what we wanted to do. I had blogged in my english class in high school so I kind of had a feeling of what to do. This was different though because we could blog on what we wanted, while in high school we were told to blog on certain subjects or topics. I like being able to write about whatever we want. This way we can can write what is on our mind without being yelled at. It allows us to compose writing of our own. It was up to us as when we did them, and I can say for myself that I probably should have done more consistently throughout the semester. I still got all of them done and think they are all pretty interesting reads.

It is still hard to believe that the semester is over. I had a great time working on projects, learning new things and making new friends all in the process. I know that I will be able to use everything I have learned in class in the world and everything that comes my way. I had a great time with everyone and want to say thanks for all help given throughout the semester. Hope to see you all again sometime!

Finished Portfolio!

7 12 2009

Yesterday, I had finally finished my portfolio in whole! Yes! It took a long time but in the end I think that everything turned out really good. I met all the requirements that were needed to be in there in the time they needed to be as well. The hardest parts of the portfolio were probably the synthesis, remix and meta-analysis. For the synthesis we were to combine our first two projects. It was kind of hard to mix the to together and make it flow. I had to talk about on why I wanted to be a teacher, and the steps that it took me to figure it out. I also needed to put in there how being a student and the ways that I did my studies affected my decision as well. There were certain people who I named in my synthesis too that really made big impacts in my life. Everything went together really well. I then worked on my remix. Everything was revised and I put my best work into this part of the portfolio. I had a lot to put in there so I was pretty happy with the outcome. The meta-analysis was probably the hardest part. Writing about writing just seemed confusing to me when I heard it. After I had really found out what to do, it kind of came to me on what to write about. Talking about the 4 projects that we had previously worked on and why we chose the things we did. I mentioned how I worked on my projects as an individual and as a group, why I wrote the things I did and in the end it seemed to go good.

I have to say that the portfolio was an interesting, tricky, and fun final project to work on. I also had to do a portfolio for my other English class but this one was a lot different. Theis one was electronic while my other one was hard copy. They pretty much had the same meaning  as we will be graded on everything in them. I am glad that the portfolio is done completely and in timely fashion, and I am happy with my work.

First Day of Finals Tomorrow

7 12 2009

The first day of finals is tomorrow and i’m pretty nervous. I know that everything will go good because I have spent the last couple of days studying, attending review sessions and asking questions. I remember from high school that I was always nervous for finals as well, but this is college. A little different because you really gotta know your stuff. I have learned since being here, that it is not a place to goof off in. Yes, there is the fun part, but when it comes down to classes and studying, you better be ready to work hard. This first semester was me getting used to everything and was kind of overwhelming. I know now that I should have studied a lot more because my grades have reflected on it. I am going to do better next semester though. As for now, I am still studying for my english, psychology and physics finals. I have a good amount of studying for each. Hope I do good!

All nighters!

7 12 2009

Ahhh the good ol’ all nighter. In the past I have never really had to pull one of these infamous college experiences. Since being in college, I have probably had about 3. I don’t really know whether it was because I have had an Amp energy drink every time I have had to pull one, or the amounts of work that come with. I have had to pull one for 4 of my classes. Psychology, physics, my other English class and this one. I wasn’t really going to pull an all nighter for this class, but I just wanted to get my work that I had set for that day to be over with. I felt that after I had had my energy drink that I was going to be up for the next 2 days. They usually don’t make me feel like this but every time of an all nighter I do, its weird. I know that some kids have even taken energy drink, had coffee, and even taken non-sleeping pills. Thats a lot and I would think it would keep me up for a week. I think that ill just stick with the energy drink. I really hope that I don’t have to have too many more of these horrific things, but I know that it will probably happen.


7 12 2009

I found it hard to write about the meta-analysis at first. I didn’t know how to start it, and didnt know how to make it flow with everything either. After about an hour of thinking I finally decided to start writing. Starting off by talking about how this class was different at first because of the whole “electronic” part and how everything was going to be turned in by computers. Then I talked about each project. Project 1 being about our personal narrative and why we wanted to be teachers. I gave my points on why and I wrote on why I did these things. then I talked about project 2. Project 2 was about how were were as students and the actions we took. I talked about how early in school i thought everything was so easy, but then as grades got higher I started to procrastinate a little bit. Project 3, being totally different and a group project was next. First, writing about a PSA, then with the group and also making a visual aide. This project was alot different than the others. Project 4 was once again a group project and this time we had to teach to the class about our topic. I thought this was cool because it kind of gave us an idea of what teaching was going to be like. Then i talked about the workshops we had to do in class and the blogs that had to be written.

Overall, I finally finished my meta-analysis, being pretty confident with my completion.

As of now.

3 12 2009

As of now, I am have a lot of things pretty much done for my portfolio. I did my end-of-the-year questionnaire, my project 1 and 2 synthesis, written plan and my one page single spaced memo. I think that this is pretty good, but I know that I still have to do the Meta-Analysis and the Remix. I know what I want to put on the Remix and what I am going to put for the meta-analysis. I don’t think that it is going to be too hard for myself tp put everything together in a fashionable time. I really want to be done with everything by Friday. This way I am good and relaxed except the fact I still have to study for my 2 finals on Monday. I want the portfolio done a couple days earlier as well because this way I have more time to study. I would like to do good on the portfolio and the finals so I want time for all of them. I still do have some questions for the remix and meta-analysis that I think I am going to ask in class tomorrow. I did say this before, but I like how we can have time to go to class and work on out portfolio’s. I think it is a great idea to let everyone have some quiet time to actually get some work done. I will keep on working consistently and hope to get it done in the days to come.


3 12 2009

So I finished my synthesis of Project 1 and Project 2 the other day. It was a little difficult for me to try and mold the tow together but I think that it sounds pretty good. I might go back and re-do a couple things ad re-read it once again so I know that its legit. At first I had a little of a hard time with it. I wasn’t really sure on how to actually put them together. I went and talked to Professor Halle about it and he said it is always a good idea to read them both and try and start fresh. I thought this was a good idea as well but I think that my paper kind of had a flow to it when I mashed the two together. I think I might look again though.

I talked about how my parents influenced me to do go in school and on my work. They always had my back and supported me in every decision I made too. When it came to me picking a school and a major, possibly my career they were there. I talked about the steps I had to take as a student and how my ways of being a student got me to where I am today. I also talked about how other people, teachers and coaches got me to where I am now and what I want to be in my future. All in all I think that the papers goes well together.