Lots of studying to do!

1 12 2009

This week and weekend are going to be fun-filled for me! (not) With the portfolio due by midnight Sunday and then having 3 finals the next week I am going to be very busy. I really want to do good on my finals and the portfolio. Even if all- nighters are needed, I will do so. I want to get good grades for my parents as well for myself. I know that I probably should have studied harder and payed attention in some of my classes and I regret not doing so. This is why I want to do better on these finals. My past couple of tests have gone better so I am hoping that my finals will go alright. I have gotten a little lazy as well with my blogs. I forgot about them totally over break and thats why most of them are done on the same date. I had them saved to my computer in a word document but never actually put them on wordpress, oops. I am going to print out all my study guides for my finals and make sure I do them before and read them over and over so the facts are burned into my skull haha. When they say that the last week of the semester is stressful and hectic, they aren’t kidding. There really is a lot to do and it is taking some getting used to. Im sure I will be able to handle it but it is challenging. the feeling of getting everything over and done with and being able to relax is probably the best feeling in the world! Then you just have to wait and see what grades are going to be like and then you can stress a little more. I know that I still have second semester to get my grades up again and I know that I am not going to screw around either. Its time to crack down and do good!

Portfolio Requirements

1 12 2009

1. Plan (Written)

2. Synthesis Revision of Project 1 and Project 2

3. Remix – create large multi-genre text

        – major projects/”minor” texts/bestwork

        – Revised – everything

        – Arrangement

4. Forum? How to showcase portfolio

         – Has to be electronic

         – Word document in STV folder?

         – Put on Blog?

         – New Blog?

5. Meta-analysis (1500-2500 words)

          – Intro – general way talk about choices to put together

          – Course analysis

          – Narrative

          – Use Questions

          – Like older project analyses/ Tie everything toghether

6. Supporting material

          – On STV folder or in Blog

7. Grade Memo – Printed Document – Put in office or in person

           – 1 page single spaced/what you feel you should get for overall work

8. Survey – e-mail to teacher

           – Be honest/after grades are done/just your thoughts on how class was

Productive Work Day

1 12 2009

I went to the optional class today for english. I knew that I was going to go to this because I wanted to get more done today than I recently have. I had started my portfolio with bits and pieces of everything, and today I was starting to put everything together. I did my synthesis today during class time. It was good that Professor Halle allowed us to come in and use this time to work on out portfolios. It gives us a big chunk of time to actually sit in a quiet environment and just work. I like being in a set place where it is quiet and you can get a lot of work done. I finished my synthesis today during that time period and I am working on the other parts the rest of tonight and this week. I am also finishing my blogs as well. I hope that I can get everything done and feel comfortable with my work. I usually do so I am not that worried. I know that we are able to come in again on Thursday and that is a good thing as well. I will be going to that one as well just to get some extra time to work on it so I can study for my other classes as well.

End of Semester Questionnaire

1 12 2009

1)      What was your favorite project?  Explain why.

My favorite project was project 3. I liked how we had to use the different elements to understand our visuals. The PSA I had was, “Think Before You Speak”. It talked about how you shouldn’t judge a person on how they look or what they say. I thought that this was an interesting topic and a good project.

2)      What was your least favorite project?  Explain why.

My least favorite project was Project 4. I just did not find this one very interesting. I liked how we got to listen to everyone elses and obtain new information but overall I did not like it. I did like the teaching part though.

3)      Do you have any suggestions regarding peer response?  Would you change anything about peer response?

I would have to say that the peer response helped. It gives us a chance to let someone else know what we think and they let us know too. We can then think over our papers and re-write them and make them better. I think that having more than just one person for a peer response would be good for a single project. I have to say that the workshops did help a little too. Everyone was able to say what they thought and I believe that the workshops helped some. Other times I do not think that it helped anyone because all we did was sit there.

4)      Do you feel like you were given too much time to work on projects?  Too little time? Explain your answer.

I think that there were certain projects that we had more that enough time to work on and some not enough. I think that the first two projects were good in due date perspective. The last two projects we did I do not think we had enough time because there was not that much information on our topics and sometime we couldn’t get together as a group at the same time to work on it.

5)      What are your thoughts about breaking each project up into multiple drafts or phases?  Did it help to have drafts or would you just have preferred to turn in one draft – the final-for-now?

I think that having the final-for-now was a great thing to do. I like how we got comments from the teacher. This was we can go over our papers and then spruce it up.

6)      What are your thoughts about the pacing of the semester?  Were there any projects that felt too short?  Too long?

I believe that the semester was perfect in length. There wasn’t that much to worry about, but as it gets down to the last couple weeks it starts to get hectic. Other than that I think that everything was good.

7)      Do you think you were given enough time to work on your final portfolio? Explain.

I think that there is enough time to finish it just depends on how you use your time. We had a couple of weeks to do it and most of the work is done, we just need to revise. I think that the option of going in the week before finals is a good idea as well because it gives us more time too.

8)      Do you feel like I provided too many comments on drafts or not enough comments?   Were my comments helpful? Why or why not?

I think that you comments were very helpful. When I read your comments I was able to go back into my drafts and projects and critique them if I needed to. It was a little hard to listen to and read the project comments though since they were how we wanted to do them in our own perspective. Other than that I thought that the comments were great!

9)      What about the course would you change?  Do you have any suggestions for change as I revise the course to teach it again?

I would change something about the workshops. Even though they did help some in ways, also at times we would just sit there and look at the walls. I think that if there were to be something incorporated into the course that would help a little bit more with drafts and projects, that would be a good idea.

10)    Do you feel like this class helped you to be better able to read and compose texts, both in college and in the real world? Explain your answer.

I think that what I learned from the course was being able to analyze and look at texts and readings differently. I learned a lot more about urban schooling and how to use and write papers and projects better as well.

11)   Please offer some advice or helpful hints for students taking this course in the future.

This course was a fun course to take. If you really pay attention, participate and work on your papers and projects you will do fine.

Turkey Break!

1 12 2009

I had an awesome time over Thanksgiving Break. Since I don’t have classes on Fridays, I was able to go out on Thursday and sleep in on Friday waiting for my ride. I actually went home with one of my high school buddies that i have known for a while. He has a car down here and we left around 4. Before we left he actually texted me saying “the car is dead, it ceases to live”. I know that this is a quote from a movie so I really didn’t think anything of it. I called him laughing but then found out that his car actually wouldn’t start because he had left a light on. PERFECT. He got it jumped though and we were on our way back home. I got home around 6 and saw my family. I had just seen them the week before though so not really that emotional. I had dinner with a couple of my relatives, and there was alot of fast food over break too, haha. good times were had with friends back home and with everybody back from different colleges, it was good to see everyone. On thanksgiving day, everyone is usually playing football. I went and cheered on my mom who was running in the “Turkey Trot”, which is a 5K run being 3.1 miles. She just started running and thought that this would be a good start for her. My aunts and uncles did it with her as well. YOU COULDN’T HAVE PAYED ME TO RUN HAHA! It was way to cold to run in my book but I was still there to cheer her on. She did great too! Later in the day we went to my grandparents for dinner. The food was great and it was good to see everyone again.

It is a tradition for my family to go downtown on Black Friday with some friends. We went this year but it was kin of disappointing because the tree was already lit and was a lot smaller than past years. We ate at ESPN Zone and had a great time. Then on saturday I went to a Chicago Wolves game with my aunt, brother and cousins. There were not as many people there from when I remember when I was little, but it was still a good time. Sunday was a relaxing day with the family and finally a good home cooked meal. I ended up leaving around 7 in the night and arrived back at ISU about 9. Overall I have to say that it was a very successful break and I can’t wait for Winter Break to come!

First Semester

1 12 2009

Wow, the first semester is almost over and there is a lot to do! This is the time when most students get really stressed out and just want finals to be over with. I can tell you that I am in the group as well. Thanksgiving break was great and it was good to get together with everyone, but now its time to get back to work and really concentrate on school. I get really stressed myself and am usually up late studying for tests and finals. There are revisions that I need to do for papers and portfolios I need to finish. I just want it to be over! That’s all part of school though I guess. I have realized from past experiences that you need to just relax and take things one at a time. everything will go good in the end if you try your hardest and that what counts. I know that my parents want me to do well in school just as bad as I want to. College for me has been a whole new experience. Having just 4 tests and thats it for a grade in some classes is crazy. I used to rely on homework and other in-class assignments to get my grades up. I am not that great of a test taker as it is so it is hard for me. I bet that goes for a lot of students as well. I am going to try my hardest and get through these next 2 weeks and then its Winter Break! The first semester has been a good and bad experience but I now know I am ready for semester 2.

Project 4

1 12 2009

I thought that Project 4 was not one of my favorite projects to work on. I did like how everyone got to teach and get the point across for everyone else to understand. My group was not really cooperating as well as we all thought though. sometimes we could not all get together as a group and work on our project, other times we would. Meghan said this in her blog as well, some people in our group would overtake and speak for a long time not really making it look like everyone in the group worked together. I don’t want anyone to think that any of us did less work than the other either. That’s what happens in groups though. I think in the end though that we got our work done and our project was actually pretty good.

I thought that it was good that most of the groups had games for the other students to play too. Our group did this as well and I thought that it helped. The reading was a little boring in my case when there was a lot of it. I liked how some groups, as well as mine, put videos in their projects. This gave some real understanding of what that certain project was about. All in all, it wasn’t my favorite but this project did have its strong and weak points.