Project 3 Analysis

He’s ready for the snap, he calls hike, and the play is on. The quarterback throws a deep pass and wins the big game for his team. That is all they like him for though. They think he is a great athlete, but when it comes to school, they think he is nobody. Yes, he can throw a pass forty yards, but can he even get a forty percent on his test? Just because he is a jock, doesn’t mean that he isn’t smart. He could actually be the smartest kid in the class, while you’re over there thinking that he is the klutz of the grade. This also goes with “That’s so gay.” One cannot just go around saying things like this without even thinking.

My PSA was “ThinkB4YouSpeak”. Most people do not do this when it comes to judging people or something. A lot of people go around thinking that they know everything. This is also just like the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. It’s not right to do, so don’t do it. When most people see a very good athlete, they probably think, wow, I bet he’s going to college on a scholarship, which is the wrong thing to think. Lots of athletes go to college on other school scholarships just as well, not just because of sports. Most of them go out into the big world after college without even going big in sports. They get great jobs and are just as smart as a lot of people.

At first glance of my ad, I read, “That’s so jock who can complete a pass but not a sentence.” This quote was in bright bold, yellow lettering that takes up most of the ad. The boldness makes it quite a hard hitting ad. I believe that the yellow lettering makes it warm at the most, but it also makes it stand out in the right way. This lettering was placed of the black and white background of a teenage boy. His face is non-emotional, maybe looking a little sad. I like that the background is black and white because it makes the yellow lettering stand out even more. After going into more reading I see a quote that states, “Think that’s mean? How do you think that’s so gay sounds? Hurtful. So, knock it off.” This goes with the quote about the jock. Why would you say something like that to someone? The saying “” is also in yellow bold letters kind of towards the bottom. This allows people to go and check out the website and see what it is about and all the other types of stereotypes that are going around and how hurtful they can be. The Ad Council logo is in the bottom right of the PSA so people know where it is from and they can also go to that website and look around.

In my opinion, I believe that this ad is speaking out towards teenagers and students. I think this because most kids that play sports are in school still, whether it be high school or college. There is a lot of stereotyping in schools now-a-days. People are being called “stupid”, or “gay” and I don’t think that that’s right. I think that the audience is younger because of the school reason and that things are changing. People are becoming even more rude, with no manners and don’t really “think before they speak” anymore. That’s why this ad is so true. Even kids that are as young as elementary school and junior high know what it means and say it. I actually think that they say these things because they either hear an older brother or sister saying it too. Even just hearing it from being at the mall, if they pick it up they are going to use it as well.

It is not easy for an athlete to be a great student either. Playing sports is hard work and they have to balance schoolwork and playing. Making sure that they can study for a test and study the play book and make sure that they have each of them down to understand and do great in both. I have seen commercials for the NCAA that are really highlighting students that are “Going Pro” in more than just sports. It really is a good commercial that stated not all athletes are as dumb as they look or you perceive them. Most are going to go into business or accounting, teaching and even helping our country.

It is terrible for people to even judge someone just because of what they wear or what they like. So go to website, and check it out and look around. It really is a good site and it tells a lot of good information about these types of stereotypes, and like the ad says “Think Before You Speak.”

Here is the PSA to “Think Before You Speak”.

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